Oil Rig (Offshore) Habitats

Our habitats have been proven to battle the most extreme weather

When working offshore there is no compromise

Reliable Quality

Proven time and again in extreme conditions—from the Sahara Desert to North Sea oil platforms, our habitats offer essential strength, quality, and reliability for engineering works. With various sizes and quick setup, gain protection from elements within minutes. Deflation is swift, clearing the deck for emergencies in under 5 minutes.

Picture: 6 x 6mtr Habitat (Most popular size)


For years, our arched inflatable habitats have set the standard. Featuring a frame of high-quality, high pressure inflatable tubes, synthetic inner tubes, and polyester casing, it inflates in 10 minutes with a compressor. Easy setup and transport; deflates into a bag with handles. Standard yellow/white, customizable colours and extras. Translucent, fire-retardant material for a superior working environment.

"Everything went very well with the habitat. We had some issues with weather and the habitat was perfect. It meant we were able to cure large amounts of paint even during the bad weather".