Premier Work Tents are the Official UK Dealers for
Karsten Tenten & TentWorld Unlimited 

Emergency Services | Outdoor Events | NHS Hospital Trusts | Oil Rigs | Monitored Public Spaces

Renowned for their high quality materials and manufacturing, Karsten Tents perform in the worst conditions protecting your assets.


Premier Work Tents are the specialists in work and emergency tents and screens. When you require your tent, shelter or habitat to perform in the worst conditions over and over, you will then appreciate the higher specification materials and technology that go in to manufacturing our products. 

Produced in Europe, our products have a proven pedigree within various commercial industries as well as the emergency services across many borders.

We can offer standard products from stock in Holland, and a small lead-time on tailoring your tent to meet your specific requirements. A fully bespoke service is available upon request. To view our products, please contact our showroom.

Emergency Services

We supply all emergency services with pop-up tents for forensic and other purposes, together with Inflatable Arch Tents for incident control. Our quick erect emergency screening for first response has proven time again to protect the privacy of staff and their patients with which they are dealing.

Outdoor Events 

From pop-up tents for engineering and medical purposes to emergency screening. The Outdoor Events Industry must battle the elements regardless of the weather. The reliability of our Karsten Tents ensures that there is one less thing to worry about.
"The show must go on"

Please talk to us about your
specific requirements.

Monitored Public Spaces

From shopping centres to leisure complexes, hospitals to hotels, our range of quick erect screening has been the most popular choice to screen the scene and protect people from prying eyes. Easy for one person to carry and set up in under a minute this is something every emergency planner should have at hand.

Emergency Screens

Oil Rig Habitats

There is nothing more challenging than working on a rig platform and our Karsten Inflatable Arch Habitats provide the shelter required for engineering works to be conducted in the worst weather possible. Strong and dependable we can customise the habitat for your precise use. Please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have. 

Engineering - Working Outside

Our popular range of 5S quick erect, pop-up tents ensure that you can continue with your work and not be 'rained off'. Used across multiple trade industries the robust materials used have proven time again that you get what you pay for
These tents can be customised with different doors, colours, digital printing, windows, vents etc.
Please just ask.

The quality of our work and emergency tents and screens are respected across many industries from marine to engineering, emergency to gas & oil.  Indeed, when working in the open, the need to protect your staff, the public, and their privacy is priority.

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